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Speech & Language Therapy Sessions...

Speech and Language Therapy sessions are based on the findings from the initial assessment and tailored specifically to your child’s individual needs.

Talented Talk

Our speech therapy is designed to be "fun and motivating" incorporating lots of interactive and rewarding activities ensuring your child enjoys every session. This enables children to learn more effectively and achieve therapy goals.

In addition, your child will receive home related activities and resources following each session and the Therapist will monitor his/her progress, regularly reviewing their Speech and Language Therapy treatment. This ensures that therapy is always relevant and goals are achievable.

"...Providing therapy in a fun and motivating way ensuring your child enjoys every session..."

Building Confident Communicators

Speech therapy is more effective when a child is supported by those close to them such as parents, carers and teachers. The Speech & Language Therapist can also provide home and school programmes, complimentary advice and practical ways to assist the therapy process so that valuable techniques are incorporated into your child’s everyday activities and daily routines

Did You Know...?

"Communication is a skill like any other - the more it is practised, the better it gets!"

Source: The Communication Trust.